Ajax Fact. The town was named for HMS Ajax, a British warship that served in WWII.

Ajax has seen a lot of new development over the past few years, so house hunters can expect to find some options here that include newly built houses. These range in style and size from town homes to semi detached homes to fully detached homes with some really good lot sizes.

The area is likely to see even more development as work continues to extend Highway 407 eastward.

As with most places, the city itself has some neighbourhoods that are more appealing than others. I like to work with my clients to find the right fit for them (based on not just affordability, but also the features of the district.)

Ajax is a little more culturally rich than other parts of Durham, reflecting an ethnic diversity that’s more in line with the city of Toronto. There’s a real “melting pot” feel that gives residents access to a rich diversity of culture and cuisine. With the mixed population comes a good mix of restaurants and boutique stores.

The town is serviced by a regional hospital that acts as a health centre for all of Durham. And while this may not seem like a “touristy’ draw, for families with aging parents or any ongoing health concerns, such proximity can be a real advantage.

The park system in Ajax is highlighted by the Lakefront, which features huge open fields of grass that are well kept by the municipality. This makes it perfect for family picnics, pickup sports or general leisure. It’s very common to see the park kept busy with cyclists and walkers and people playing with their dogs on any day of the week. I am always amazed by the view of the lake – which is clear and unobstructed for quite a distance. On a clear day can see right across to Rochester.

As well, the city includes a number of other park facilities that create a great sense of openness and green space. So whether you’re just driving through the city, or directly enjoying one of the many parks on foot or on a bicycle, the overall feeling is pretty inviting.

It’s also worth mentioning that all of Durham Region features a number of very good golf courses. And for the outdoor enthusiast, you never have to go far to get to some really good running or biking – whether it be off-road, along one of the many paved bike paths or just on the streets of Ajax itself. It never takes much time to get away from the suburban environment and out to the country.

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