Brooklin Fact: Downtown Brooklin is a designated heritage conservation district under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act.

I get a lot of pleasure showing families around Brooklin, Ontario because I see it as one of the most appealing communities in my area and the Durham Region. Brooklin is an attractive, upscale suburban community, just to the north of Whitby. It offers the quiet solitude of an isolated housing development – surrounded as it is by farmland and greenspace – and still feels connected to its agrarian roots.

The Village of Brooklin originally developed as a farm service town, and it still features the prominent mill. The old town now provides a really appealing shopping district, with boutique storefronts and a number of inviting restaurants.The old village is always pleasantly vibrant with people walking and shopping, and it’s never surprising to see neighbours and friends bumping into each other and sharing a friendly word.

Schools in Brooklin score among the highest in Ontario, and they enjoy a reputation for high parent involvement. As well, there is plenty to offer in the way of parkland and public amenities. Just walk through the neighbourhoods here, and you’ll get the family-friendly vibe right away.

Another thing I like to point out is that the upscale nature of the housing here makes for a safe environment. The municipal government does an excellent job servicing the public amenities and keeping the streets plowed in the winter and in good repair.

Brooklin offers a slower paced lifestyle then you’ll find in an urban environment, and the style of homes vary quite significantly depending on where you find yourself. Most of the houses were built in the 1990’s. They feature good lot sizes and attractive architecture. Designed using a combination of brick and Cape Cod style in the architecture, each house is also unique.  Recently, Zancor & Tribute Homes have added upscale housing to the Brooklin market & tend to fetch a good price.

You should also know about the newly built library Brooklin Public Library, which features a good collection and resources, excellent programming and has very quickly become well-used by the community and young families.

Brooklin is a community unto itself, but it is located in close proximity to Whitby, so shopping at the bigger, name brand stores is just a short drive south. As well, the nearness to Whitby means an easy commute to Toronto.

People who but here can expect their investment to accrue value as houses like the ones here come into higher demand. Another factor that is likely to have a positive impact on values here is the planned expansion of highway 407.

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