Clarington Fact. The name is a portmanteau (the blending of parts of two words into one) of two historical township that made up the majority of the geographic area – Clarke and Darlington.

If you’re looking at property in Clarington, you’re no longer really considering the commute to Toronto. The story here is about square footage and land. And the real story is affordability.

The clients that I’ve helped locate in Clarington are mainly interested in maximizing the size and quality of the house that they can get with the money they have. They’ve made the decision that Toronto really does not factor in their lifestyle. In terms of living here, the pace of life is definitely relaxed. The area is still characterized by its proximity to the rural community.

The typical experience that I’ve had in finding places for clients in Clarington is that it’s perfect for first-time home buyers with the desire to live in proximity to Pickering and to stay in Durham region. What they get is a house that’s significantly more in line with their dreams than anything they may have been able to afford further west.

Property taxes here are much more reasonable than in other areas, so that creates less of a struggle going forward.

Looking forward, the Darlington Nuclear Power Plant is currently receiving some pretty significant funding, which means an increase in employment opportunities in the region and a good expectation that the local economy will also feel the stimulation. So for people looking to invest now, there’s good reason to believe that values will increase in Clarington in the future. The general feeling is that demand in Clarington is going to rise significantly over the next 10 years.

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