Whitby Fact. Whitby’s chief historical asset was its fine natural harbour on Lake Ontario, from which grain from the farmland to the north was first shipped in 1833.

As we move further and further east from Toronto, the communities tend to offer newer developments. Whitby is a good example of this, with a good choice of styles and sizes of houses and properties to choose from. Again, the less proximal you get from the city of Toronto (and the longer the commute) the more affordable your options will tend to be.

I’ve found that the clients that I’ve worked with who have purchased here have really appreciated the feeling of having got more house for their money when purchasing here, but also that the community itself is so appealing. Williamsburg in particular is developing as an attractive neighbourhood – with top-rated public and Catholic schools and a real diversity of new homes to choose from.

To be clear, when you start getting this far east you really are choosing to live in the place itself, rather than a place that gives you convenient access to Toronto. People do commute (approx. 55 min), but if that’s your plan you need to know and be realistic about the fact that the further east you go, the longer the commute will be and the more it will take from your day (which is not to say that it can’t be done – the GO train runs between the two cities every day.) That being said, I do think of Whitby as a pretty nice place to live.

The overall feel of the community is very open and inviting, and the new developments are really quite attractive. With a good variety of housing options, nicely planned streets and parks and a growing school system. The waterfront at Whitby is also very popular.

The downtown core of Whitby is a well-established community that offers attractive boutique shopping and family dining. It’s not at all surprising to find people from around the community enjoying a leisurely walk and shop through the district. As well, there are a number of friendly pubs and restaurants with good menus and nice patios.

Beyond the downtown core there is also terrific shopping with major “box” stores and all the big brands – particularly around Brock Street and Taunton.

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