home sellers plan

Something to know, before you sell.

Selling a house can be an emotional undertaking. On one hand your house likely represents your most valuable asset. There is financial value between the walls and onto the roof. On the other hand your house has been your home for as long as you have lived there.

For some of my clients this has meant the time it took for their children to grow. For others it has meant the difference between their “starter home” and the house of their dreams. I’ve found that every house has helped to sell has had a different story. My job is to help my clients to feel that they have achieved the highest selling price possible for their house, given the current market conditions. I also make it my job to help them make the transition from seeing their house as a “home” to seeing it as a valued asset.

There’s a lot involved in presenting what has been your home for the consideration of others. But the processes and techniques that I use to market your home can make a significant difference in the final selling price.

That’s why I’m pleased to offer this guideline for home sellers. It provides an excellent framework for understanding the subtleties and details that I have found most commonly come into the process.

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