There’s a way to work.

What does “philosophy” have to do with the real estate business? Plenty, in my opinion. I’ve always found that sharing my philosophy with anyone who is considering working with me is one of the best tools I can give them to understand what I offer, and to compare me with my competitors. That way, when you do choose to sign on with me and the team here at Sutton Group Heritage Realty, you’ll start with a good idea of what to expect.

The techniques I use to help you buy or sell a home are based on market knowledge, my experience as an agent and a very simple set of ideas. Together, these factors have added up to a very solid record of satisfaction from my clients.

Here it is, in a nutshell:

     Relationships are more important than transactions.

To me it’s not about what you buy or how quickly you sell. And it’s not about the number of deals I get done in a year. It’s about knowing that I have actually helped people to accomplish their goals. That I have helped them to find their place in the world. And that they can feel comfortable and happy with the terms of the deal I helped them to make.

It’s important to me, partly because being considerate and helpful is a core value that I strive to reflect, but also because I benefit from repeat business and referrals. When you’re happy with the value I provide, you’re more likely to call me again or pass my number on to a friend. And that’s a win-win.

It’s a business of price.

It’s true that housing prices are driven by market conditions, but depending on whether you’re buying or selling, you should always feel that you got the most house for your money, or the most money for your house. Getting there is a matter of knowing what to offer or how much to ask, and of understanding the factors that can affect the final price.

As a listing agent, I have an established approach to marketing your house. It includes a number of techniques for preparing it for sale and showing it off, but it also allows market forces to come into play. To me, the goal is to leave you feeling confident that you sold your home at a rate that matched or surpassed market expectations.

As a purchasing agent, my approach to negotiation is driven by the same understanding of how an asking price stacks up against what’s going on in the local market. To me, however much you may have your heart set on a property, the goal is to never feel like you’ve overpaid.

The real goal is lasting satisfaction.

To me, this one is simple. You buy a house, but you build a home. So there’s always a personal element. I don’t see it as finding you a house to buy. I see it as a vital step in life planning.

If you’re buying or selling in Brooklin, Ontario, let me be your Brooklin real estate agent.

Hi. Im Matt, and I think it’s important for people to know just who they’re dealing with when they head into the real estate market.