The best burger in town. Or anywhere.

Where I eat in Brooklin.

There’s a big difference between a hamburger and a hamburger. Sure, it’s exactly the same word, but people who love a good burger will know what I mean. Because, while it can be said that a meat paddy on a bun meets the definition, there’s a whole lot more to getting it right. And in Brooklin, the place that gets it the most right – the closest to perfection – is Baldwin Street Burger.

The menu is pretty simple. They serve one burger in a wide variety of ways. The meat is 3/4 of the story – strictly naturally raised, local beef with no antibiotics or growth hormones, ground to their specifications and delivered fresh from the butcher daily. Each and every patty is made in-house, by hand.

The toppings do what toppings are supposed to do. They add details to the broad strokes. So whether you go for the Classic – with lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and the traditional mustard, relish and ketchup – or something more unusual – like the red cabbage slaw that adorns the Southern BBQ – the themes are well considered and well presented.

The result is mouth-watering and wonderful. And addictive. Ask anyone you bump into there and you’ll get one of two stories. Either they come all the time, or they’ve heard from a friend that they had to check it out.

Now, no self-respecting burger joint stands on its burgers alone. And Baldwin Street Burger has sides with a reputation of their own. Their fries are fresh, delicious and plentiful. Their onion rings are big, hand-dipped and fantastic. And their deep fried pickles are a treat from the South that have found a proper place for themselves in the suburban GTA.

The only down-side to the BSB experience is (perhaps) its size. On one hand, staying small means staying special. On the other, you have to find your way in early or brace yourself for a bit of a wait.

The ambiance is appealing too. The thick wood tables remind me of old butcher’s blocks and the chalkboard menus create a good reminder of the hands-on care that goes into every detail of the food offering.

It makes a difference when food is made with love. The folks at BSB show that they care about their product from start to finish. And the results keep the customers coming. If you’re looking for a home in Brooklin or the surrounding area, take the time to get yourself a burger. It’ll change the way you say the word.


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