Brooklin shows all the signs of a thriving, growing place to live.

The Brooklin Community Centre

I like to tell my clients that the real attraction of Brooklin is the balance it offers between neighbourhoods of attractive, newly-built homes and the charming, traditional community at its centre. It is suburban and rural, modern and traditional and – maybe most importantly – vibrant to the core.

You can see it on the streets of the village on any given day, as the local stores and restaurants enjoy a steady flow of customers. But you can also see it in the choices that have been made at the municipal level to invest in the amenities available to the town’s growing population.

My current favourite example of this is the Brooklin Community Centre. Or should I say “Centres”? Because there are two buildings here that open their doors to the public under variations of that name.

From 1876 to 1920 the Bible Christian Church served congregations at the corner of Church Street and Cassels Road. Then it was converted into municipal offices under the name “Township Hall” for 46 years. In 1966 it was renamed again as “The Brooklin Community Centre” and opened its upper hall and lower hall for dances or meetings, serviced by two kitchens, an elevator and a smallish parking lot. It is still available (and sees good business) as a banquet facility for meetings and special occasions.

More recently though, the town invested in some bigger thinking. Opened in November 2010, the “Brooklin Community Centre and Library” became Whitby’s newest recreation facility. The 3,716 square metre, two-storey building includes a seniors’ activity room, youth centre, dedicated pre-school program space, gymnasium, craft room, multi-purpose banquet room, meeting rooms, and a branch library.

The Centre offers a variety of recreational and educational programming to local residents and has become a mainstay attraction for families of all kinds. As parents of three young children, my wife and I make regular use of the children’s programming and the library, and there is never a time when we feel that the space is either over-crowded or under-utilized.

The Centre offers a variety of scheduled sports leagues and drop-in sporting programs for all ages and skill levels. You can choose from soccer, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, badminton or a variety of other programs. The space creates the opportunity to be active and have fun with your family and friends in a fully equipped gymnasium, in a non-competitive environment.

There are also meeting rooms and larger rooms available for rentals and special bookings for groups ranging from 25 – 130. They see regular use for meetings and social events.

At the Centre, as with the main shopping district in Brooklin, it’s the flow of people that gives the community its sense of vitality. It’s not unusual for me to bump into people who I’ve helped find a home, now taking advantage of the programming here. I always say hello, and it gives me confidence in the community to hear just how happy they are with their decision.

That’s why, as we drive to the various properties my clients my be considering, I always take the time to point out the neighbourhood amenities. Because beyond your front door, these are the details that can make all the difference.


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