Buying or selling – you’ll notice the difference.

• I live and work in the Durham region. That means I have direct, first-hand experience and knowledge of the communities that I work in. So when I’m showing clients homes that I think might meet their needs, it’s about more than the homes themselves. It’s also about the community, local schools, parks and recreation and other amenities. I also have a strong sense of which neighbourhoods may be priced attractively now, but are showing strong signs of developing towards accrued value. • I spend a lot of time with you, asking questions and sorting out your needs. Because while people start with strong opinions about what they’re looking for, there’s always stuff they didn’t think of. I work with clients to understand their motivations. When you’re into the house-hunting process, it’s easy to forget the things that you said were important to you at the beginning. Clients have told me that I’m good at reminding them of these things throughout the process. Of course, sometimes stuff that you thought was a make-or-break can turn out to be less important, when a house offers something you weren’t expecting. • I educate buyers on what their dollar will get them in the current market. Once I’ve identified your needs, I can be very aggressive in making sure you get to see everything that’s available – as soon as it comes onto the market. • I know when it’s time to act quickly and make an offer, and when it’s better to hold back. • I am very active in the region – which means I have a good understanding of emerging availabilities and appropriate pricing in the local marketplace. For you, that means more choice – and an overall confidence that your final choice will be the best choice. • I work with clients to make sure that their financing is in place before any other part of the process. Knowing what you can afford from the outset gives you the confidence that you got the best value and saved your time. • There’s a lot to be said for confidence, competence and experience. I offer all three, and my clients tell me that they notice the difference. I bring energy to my work and my clients benefit from that. • To me, a real estate relationship does not end when you sign on the line. My clients appreciate hearing from me in the days and months after the deal has been finalized. Often I can provide information or assistance in ways that they wouldn’t. I’ve always believed that there is real value in heartfelt concern and good follow-up skills. That’s why I’m always happy to go the extra mile.
• I’ll work with you to get a good understanding of current market conditions and how your house fits with what’s going on right now. It’s important for you to feel that your house is being marketed to sell at the highest price achievable. • I’ll help you to identify the things you need to change and the work you’ll need to do to prepare your house to be put on the market. • I am active, creative and strategic in my approach to marketing homes. My goal is always to make sure that I have maximized your home’s market exposure. The goal is to make sure that there is no one who may have made an offer, but did not have the chance to see your house. • I’ve got resources ready and at-hand to take care of every need that comes up in preparing your house for sale. • As a negotiator I will make sure that you feel comfortable and happy with the offer you accept. • My involvement in the community (as a local resident and as a real estate agent) enhances my understanding and knowledge of market conditions. • Whatever your reason for selling your home, I will ensure that you feel comfortable with both the processes and the outcome. I believe strongly in the value of the lasting happiness of my clients.

Hi. Im Matt, and I think it’s important for people to know just who they’re dealing with when they head into the real estate market.